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Circle Drive Guidelines and Traffic Flow Map

7:40-8AM & 3:10-3:40PM

The purpose of the Park Hill Circle Drive is a continuous moving lane once drop-off or the dismissal process begins. Using this lane requires the following:

  • Children must be able to independently get in and/or out of the vehicle on the sidewalk side.
  • Children must be quick.
  • Children must not need last minute attire adjustments, after school messages, etc...
  • Children must be comfortable leaving the guardian.
  • Drivers must never park and leave their car unattended.
  • Drivers must watch the circle drive support staff and pull forward when requested.
  • Please share these guidelines with grandparents, babysitters, etc…

If you need more time, we ask that you use our parking lot. We understand that some children need extra hugs, assistance with their seats, or additional emotional support, and the parking lot is the safest place for all of this to occur!

We ask that you respect all drivers by following the guidelines. The process does require that drivers read the movement of the lane.

All cars in the parking lot must use the painted stalls.