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Get Involved

At Park Hill, we offer a variety of opportunities for students, families, staff and volunteers to get involved. Students can join clubs and organizations, participate in a variety of activities or fundraisers, and volunteer for community service projects. Families can attend school events and join the school's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) to support their child's education. Staff members can lead clubs and activities, mentor students and participate in professional development opportunities. Volunteers can assist with school events, chaperone field trips, and provide support in the classroom.

Volunteers help make Park Hill a special place for kids. Weekly volunteers support staff in a variety of ways, helping to ensure all needs are met. The PTO provides opportunities for families to get to know one another and have fun through multiple hands-on family nights, book fairs and more.

Students can be involved at Park Hill with clubs and activities such as:
• Tutoring
• Coding Club
• Chess Club
• Student Council
• Civic Engagement Opportunities
• Field Day
• Math Club
• Running Club
• Year-End Celebrations